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Decorative Pillow Ideas

decorative pillow ideas

    decorative pillow
  • Accent pillow consisting of a shell or cover and fill. The fill may or may not be removed depending on how the pillow is made. Examples include boudoir pillow, square pillow and neckroll.

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  • A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action

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Ganesha with Marigolds for A. (and N.A. and L., but mainly for A.)

Ganesha with Marigolds for A. (and N.A. and L., but mainly for A.)

I embellished Jenny Hart's original pattern (from her Ohm Sweet Ohm set) just a bit. I added the decorative detail (in pink shades) on the trunk and chose to make the beads on the necklace into more traditional marigolds. I came up with the idea of using bunches of French knots for the marigolds all of a sudden (on the airplane to Cleveland, which is also where I finished this) and went with it. I think it turned out really well.

On the lines of Ganesha's turban and ears I did three rows of back stitches side by side. I wanted it to look rich and brocade-y.

Probably the only thing I'm unhappy with is the tusks. I started out with back stitch, turned it into a split stitch, and then sidled into satin stitch out of sheer desperation. The result is a bit weird. Luckily, I feel like they don't stand out too much.

The colors were easy to choose. I simply went to the floss section at Michael's crafts and picked out all the A. colors. :) There is a certain group of colors that, in my mind, are the sole domain of A., ever since college (where we met, in 1990--gaack). You'd walk into her dorm room and be surrounded by wines and reds and burgundies and deep greens in various shades. Some might call them jewel tones. I call them A. colors. :)

At any rate, this is only my second embroidery project. I'm well aware of its amateurishness (especially after receiving the wonderful embroidered pillow from Amy Bindel of Early Bird Special), but I'm proud of my work nonetheless. (And it was yet another learning experience in the perils of exotic floss--namely, satin floss. It seems like a dream at first and then you realize that when it frays it quickly turns into fuzz. Fuzz that is easily pulled through to the front with your needle and nearly impossible to eradicate--like weeds. I had to rip out an entire nearly finished eye because of that.)

[original design by Sublime Stitching]

Kris Kringle Pillow

Kris Kringle Pillow

This decorative Christmas pillow was inspired by Clare’s cross-stitched ornament. I loved the idea of ink to fabric and decided to take it a step further by substituting a digital image for a stamped image. For my 10” X 13” pillow I used the Kris Kringle digital image from Hero Arts Kris Kringle Digikit. I opened the line art image of Kris Kringle in PSE 7 and added color and shading to the image. Then I created the image in three different sizes because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. I decided to transfer the image to Claudine Hellmuth’s Sticky Back Canvas. I had never tried this technique before and assumed that it would be a quick technique to learn. Two trips to the craft store and 10 Kris Kringles in the trash can, I finally figured it out. Once I transferred the image to the canvas I sewed it onto my base fabric, added a border and finished the edges for a pillow case look. I made three fabric yo-yos from the pillow fabrics and added clear buttons that I altered to match the pillow. The top button is the printed image of Santa’s head cut from one of the extra images that I printed out and glued to the back of the button. The center button is a scrap of the green fabric used in the pillow glued to the back of the button. And the bottom button is a patchwork made of scraps from the images of the digital stamp (Heart, Teddy Bear and Nine Patch). Even though I spent my day as a mini workshop learning to do image transfer, I enjoyed the process very much and am already thinking of ideas that I can use the technique for in the future. I can see my grandkids photos on a pillow. This was truly a day well spent. I hope you enjoy the outcome of this project as much as I enjoyed it. Thanks for looking!

decorative pillow ideas

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